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Ten Little Pieces – Alison Foley

To make a big difference by collecting ten little pieces.

Ten Little Pieces came about one beautiful Summer’s day Alison and her children who were hot, tired and cranky, whinging for the long promised ice cream on Noosa Main Beach. So while Alison packed up the beach kit, She said to her kids that an ice cream would cost them ten little pieces of rubbish. 

To her astonishment, within 20m or so of beach, they returned with 3 shopping bags full of cans, bottles, straws, food wrappers and cigarette butts. 

They washed our hands, got the ice creams, and in an effort to think globally by acting locally, Ten Little Pieces was born. 

#tenlittlepieces is an empowerment movement for ordinary folks to make a big difference by collecting ten little pieces of rubbish anytime, anywhere, especially with your kids. 

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Ten Little Pieces – Alison Foley
Ten Little Pieces – Alison Foley

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