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Plastic Unwrapped

Travelling the world finding solutions to plastic waste

PLASTIC: Unwrapped is an international research project that is seeking solutions to plastic pollution. Thanks to a scholarship from the R&A and a year of planning, Milly Clover and Sophie-Dorothe Lieke are on a 9-month mission to find individuals around the globe who are making a difference in the war on plastic. 

Having both graduated in Biology from the University of St Andrews in June 2019, they are spending their first post-graduate year as amateur researchers and film-makers in an attempt to allow plastic solutions to be shared around the world. Their aims are simple: travel to a country, learn about the plastic situation in a certain area, document this in video-form and then share it with others who may be able to use this information in their community.

It is helping shape their knowledge of plastic on a global scale which is especially important given that no two places are the same and no two countries deal with plastic identically.

Milly and Sophie-Dorothe are trying to highlight the need to see plastic waste as a resource, putting a value on things that would otherwise be disposed of. Their trip has seen them travel between 8 countries so far, with a remaining 6 on the agenda before its completion on the 1st June. 

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